Pet Grooming Services

Much obliged to you for picking for your pet preparing needs in Torrance California.

At the point when you need the best and most thinking about your pets, we are here to help. We treat your pet as our own one of a kind, thusly the entirety of our custodians are delicate and make sure that your pets' are truly agreeable while getting their prepping meetings.

Pet Grooming and Dog Spa in Torrance, California
Dog Grooming, Shampoo, and Haircutting Services in Torrance, California

Highly Trained and Caring Groomers

All our pet custodians are profoundly prepared and give extraordinary consideration to ensuring that your canine gets a peaceful encounter during their prepping meeting. They likewise utilize simply the best apparatuses in achieving your pet's prepping needs. You can likewise educate them with respect to your pet canine or feline's well being or ailments so they can alter their preparing procedure appropriately.

Nice and Clean Grooming Shop for Your Pets

Here at, we need our customers—that implies you and your pet—to be agreeable and loose while in our shop. That is the reason we keep our shop extremely perfect and composed so both pet proprietor and pet can feel calm all through the preparing meeting. Keeping our prepping area clean additionally enables our administrations to stream all the more effectively with the highest caliber.

With our staff and custodians' endeavors and quality help, we guarantee our customers that all prepping administrations is done appropriately utilizing just the most secure and most believed quality preparing items accessible in the market. Here at Pup-E-Tails, we additionally follow exacting techniques and steps in preparing to ensure our administrations are done exactly on time.

Our most popular pet grooming services include:

Baths start at: $20 and up**
Haircut: $35 and up**

We likewise offer other significant prepping administrations, for example, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and pooch spa strengths. Kindly CALL US TODAY to find out about these uncommon administrations.

Every one of our costs cited above are for sound mutts and pets with no hide/covering or skin issues. We can likewise offer exceptional prepping administrations relying upon your pet's clinical needs.

CALL US TODAY for all your pet prepping needs in Torrance, California. Email: Phone: (310) 329-9344 Address: 2050 artesiablvd #104 Torrance California 90504. We anticipate seeing you and your pet at our preparing shop!

Important Grooming Tips for Dogs

You don't need to hold up until your pooch gets to the preparing shop before you really plan something for assist it with keeping a perfect and solid coat. Contingent upon your pooch's breed, you may need to invest more energy in prepping than simply your standard timetable at the pet preparing shop. Recall that your canine's jacket will enlighten a great deal concerning his wellbeing, so better ensure you additionally do your part in upkeep in the middle of his meetings at the preparing shop.

One approach to keep your canine buddy glancing great in the middle of their meetings at the custodian's is to ensure you tidy up earth or mud that stalls out between their feet in the event that they go out for a walk or play in the nursery. You ought to likewise utilize a legitimate pooch hair brush and routinely brush your canine's jacket to fend tangles off.

At long last, ensure you welcome your pet on the timetable of his preparing to abstain from growing terrible smell and other conceivable medical problems.